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Flamenco Artist Angelita Montoya to Celebrate Spanish Poets of the 1927 Generation

Angelita Montoya

Flamenco vocalist Angelita Montoya is set to perform on March 15 in Washington DC and March 16 at Roulette in New York City. Angelita Montoya is the daughter of bailaor (dancer) Antonio Montoya and cantaora (singer) La Negra. Angelita Montoya will celebrate the ignored poets of the Generation of ’27 through her first solo project, Versos Olvidados. “I am very grateful to the SGAE Foundation for Flamenco Eñe because it will allow us to fly with this project,” said Montoya.

Angelita Montoya will highlight the writings of Concha Méndez, Gloria de la Prada and María Teresa Roca de Togares, among others, withe her vocals and the music of Alejandro Cruz Benavides. The Generation of ’27 was a significant group of Spanish poets that appeared in Spanish literary circles between 1923 and 1927, who combined avant-garde forms of art and poetry.

The shows are supported by the Cultural Ministry of the Embassy of Spain and the SGAE Foundation.


The SGAE Foundation and Flamenco Festival to Showcase ‘Flamenco Eñe’ in the United States

Daniel Casares

The SGAE Foundation, in collaboration with Flamenco Festival, will be taking its program of internationalization of Spanish flamenco, Flamenco Eñe, to the iconic concert halls of the United States during March 2018. Spanish artists Rycardo Moreno (guitar), Angelita Montoya (vocals), Daniel Casares (guitar) and the duo composed of Naike and Paquete, participants in the second edition of Flamenco Eñe, will showcase their talent to flamenco fans in New York, Miami and Chicago.

It is the second time that the musicians participating in Flamenco Eñe are are part of the official program of Flamenco Festival 2018 under the umbrella of the SGAE Foundation.