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Artist Profiles: André Abujamra

André Abujamra

André Cibelli Abujamra was born May 15, 1965 in Sao Paulo. Boldness has always been part of André Abujamra’s more than forty-year career. He has experimented with many musical genres. He is a Brazilian score composer, musician, singer, guitarist, actor, and comedian of Lebanese and Italian origin.

André has worked on nearly 30 films, and has composed the soundtracks to acclaimed Brazilian films such as Durval Discos (2002), Carandiru (2003), and Cafundó (2005). He has also had several minor roles in Brazilian films and has written soundtracks for Brazilian TV.

He was singer and guitar player for the band Karnak who released three albums: Karnak (1995), Universo Umbigo (1997), and Estamos Adorando Tokio (2000).

Together with Maurício Pereira, André is also part of the experimental rock duo Os Mulheres Negras. He also finds time for his experimental projects Fat Marley, Gork and Okê Arô. His solo projects include O Infinito de Pé (2004), Mafaro (2010), O Homem Bruxa (2015).

His album Omindá – A União das Almas do Mundo Pelas Águas (The Union of Souls of the World by the Waters), is the fruit of eleven years of research, travels and friendships. He follows the same innovative way of his previous works, where he mixes film, music, theater and technology.

Omindá in Yoruba is the junction of the words Omin (water) and Da (soul). The meaning signals the goal of the project: to be a great celebration of diversity and communion for art, an artistic encounter with these artists from various parts of the world, living with various cultures, traditions, and music and drawing connections between Brazil and abroad.

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André Abujamra – Omindá

The list of artists who make Omindá one of the most interesting projects conceived by a Brazilian artist in the last decade is vast, over 65 minutes (and 15 videos), composed by André and with partners like Xis, Theo Werneck, Oki Dub, Mauricio Pereira, besides Mintcho Garramone, Anelis Assumpção and Martim Buscaglia, among others.

The international lineup includes The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra, The Mystery of the Bulgarian Voices, Zaza Fournier (France), Ballaké Sissoko (Mali), Maria de Medeiros (Portugal), Sasha Vista (Russia), Oki Kano (Japan), Julia Ortiz and Dolores Aguirre (Argentina), Rishab Prasanna and Sharat Srivastava (India), as well as Marcos Suzano, Ricardo Vignini, Trupe Chá de Boldo, Ritchie and Paulinho Moska. “I’ve been meeting these wonderful people along the way,” says André.

André was inspired by the theme of water – this commodity that abounds and is missing. With a multicultural orchestra, a red turban, a necklace with the mystic symbol of the design (used by all participants) and always a guitar on the shoulder, André Abujamra unites the improbable in a fascinating mashup.

In these technological times where borders become non-existent, but mental barriers still prevent us from living in unity, I seeks inspiration in the waters, which know no boundaries,” says André.