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Aliara at Folk Segovia

Aliara was formed in November 1978 with the aim of recovering and promoting the traditional folk music of the Valle de los Pedroches, a region north of the province of Córdoba, in the Sierra Morena. Due to its historical-geographical characteristic, the Pedroches has served as a crossroads and an obligatory passage between Castile, Andalusia and Extremadura, thus forming a peculiar autochthonous folklore with numerous influences.

Through constant research work since its inception in 1978, the experiences and the broad musical background of its members, a deep knowledge of Andalusian traditional music emerged. Aliara has a repertoire of more than 90 native songs, which can be configured different types of concerts, always trying to keep a balance between the musical development of traditional songs and its rigor and historical purity.

The name Aliara comes from a container made with a hollow bovine horn where you can transport the vinegar and oil to dress the meals.

Doroteo Amor Antoli – Voice, flutes and whistles; Javier Jaramillo Perez – Voice and guitar; Alberto – Percussion, voice and guitar; Maria Jose Luna Sanchez – Voice and Percussion; Susana Luna Sanchez – Voice and Percussion; Fernando Sanchez Fernandez – Laud, rabel and percussion; Bartolome Sanchez Fernandez – Bandurria, Guitar and percussion; and Rafael Sanchez Fernandez – Bass.