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Actores Alidos
Actores Alidos

Actores Alidos is a Sardinian group that specializes in female polyphony. The group performs songs of love, sacred songs, lullabies, popular dances, funeral laments and serenades.

The polyphonic quintet features the female voices of Alessandra Leo, Roberto Locci, Valeria Parisi, Manuela Sanna, led by the deep voice of Valeria Pilia.

Accompanying the quintet is Sardinian music maestro, Orlando Mascia, an expert of traditional Sardinian music and a virtuoso of traditional musical instruments such as the launeddas (flute with 3 reeds), the sulitu (traditional flute), the trunfa (jew’s harp) and the organetto (accordion) which he uses to dialog with the voices of the group.


Valeria Pilia – boghe sola
Alessandra Leo – boghe de punta
Manuela Sanna – boghe de punta
Roberta Locci – boghe mediana
Valeria Parisi – boghe de suta
with Orlando Mascia – launeddas, sonetu, trunfia, triangle, sulitu, tumbarinu


Galanìas (Finisterre)

Canti delle donne sarde (Finisterre)

[Biography adapted by World Music Central from an original by Giovanna Marini. Courtesy of Felmay].