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Instrumental Tangos Reissued and Remastered

Que Bonboncito
Que Bonboncito
Hamburg, Germany – Que Bonboncito is a recording of beautifully-restored tracks from 1929 to 1932. The album, released by Germany’s Danza y Movimento label, is a valuable asset to those who love the tango.

By the mid-1920s Buenos Aires was divided into two camps concerning the tango – traditionalists and the evolutionists.

Julio De Caro and Pedro Maffia defined the evolutionary style. In fact, the great classical composer Manual de Falla wrote at the time, “From what I have heard in Argentina, De Caro’s music is the most precious and points the way ahead.” These men enriched the tango, as it then existed, with exaggerated melodic phrasing, romantic treatment of the violins and the orchestrally-arranged individual parts.

De Caro’s group was formed in 1924 and lasting, through personnel changes, all the way up to 1952. Pedro Maffia was the bandoneon player in De Caro’s group until 1927 then founded his own orchestra around 1929. Today, the Orquesta Tipica Brunswick is relatively unknown. Like many other labels (RCA Victor, for example) Brunswick employed an in-house tango band. But Brunswick was done by 1932, so these recordings are rare indeed.


Various Artists – Peregrina Records

Various Artists - Peregrina’s Dreamworld
Various Artists – Peregrina’s Dreamworld
Various Artists

Peregrina’s Dreamworld (Peregrina Music)

The German label Peregrina has issued this sampler to acquaint you with their artists from across Europe. Included are selections from George Theodorakis, Rosanna & Zelia, Totem Trio, Maria Farantouri, Sema & Taksim, Penguin Café Orchestra and others. Mostly oriented toward singer-songwriter folk and light jazz vocals with interesting accompaniment, these artists show European style and polish. Brazilian, Turkish and Greek rhythms prevail.

Ambient backgrounds predominate in tracks like George Theodorakis’ Alientation and Sambiente by PAmagieRA. Especially interesting is the Piccola Orchestra Avion Travel which bridges several genres in its view of Mediterranean music. Every time you settle into a groove, the music takes new twists and turns. Liner notes in German and English include detailed information on each artist, their albums, musicians, and a press review.

This album will delight you and head you off to find more from Peregrina’s artists.


Vintage Recordings by Legendary King Sunny Ade

King Sunny Ade – Synchro Series
New York, NY – IndigeDisc returns on April 22nd with the release of Synchro Series by the legendary King Sunny Ade.

Ade and his African Beats have thrilled audiences worldwide for over two decades with the scintillating West African sounds known as Juju music. However, while releasing several stateside albums over the years, recorded specifically for the Western market, his indigenous Nigerian recordings, released concurrently in Africa, have never before been available in the United States.

Synchro Series now makes two of those original albums from Ade’s creative peak available for the first time. Taking the listener on a journey back to a landmark period for African music, Synchro Series features pristine remastering, rare and early photos of Sunny Ade, and three sets of detailed, highly informed liner notes by IndigeDisc founder and longtime Ade manager, Andy Frankel; music critic for Nigeria’s prestigious Guardian newspaper, Benson Idonije; and respected World Music journalist J. Poet.


Starry Nights in Western Sahara

Starry Nights in Western Sahara
Starry Nights in Western Sahara
Boston, USA – Rounder Records released today a compilation featuring music by the Saharawi people of the Western Sahara. This comes just a few days after Nubenegra’s release of Saharawi guitarist Nayim Alal.

The extraordinary voices heard in Starry Nights in Western Sahara all tell the sad story of the Saharawis. Straddling tradition and innovation, the songs embody the sentiments and experiences of an entire people, a dispossessed nation, longing to return to a free and independent Western Sahara. Produced by Randy Barnwell.


Gnawa Njoum Experience

Gnawa Njoum - Boum Ba Clash
Gnawa Njoum – Boum Ba Clash
Paris, France – The “Gnawa Njoum Experience” is a project born from a Boum Ba Clash party at the famous Paris club Batofar where Gnawa Njoum played with DJs and musicians in an improvised live set.

Ten musicians and DJ producers from Paris joined forces with Gnawa Njoum from Morocco to mix traditional and electronic music. The collective of artists has created an album “Gnawa Njoum Experience” comprising 11 original studio tracks.

The styles include dub, breakbeat, drum ‘n’ bass and traditional rhythmic trance with performances from drummers Cyril Atef (Bumcello) and Thomas Calegari (Lab°). The album was out in France on the 24th of February, export dates are being arranged and French label Night and Day is seeking distributors and licenses abroad.


Zion High Productions to Release First Reggae CD

Yami Bolo - Rebelution
Yami Bolo – Rebelution
San Diego, USA – Zion High Productions has announced the forthcoming release of its debut CD, Rebelution by Yami Bolo, featuring the Majestic Ministry.

Stand-out tracks include “Liberation” with Capleton, “Good Must Conquer Evil”, and the timely “Accident (dedicated to Mumia Abu Jamal in memory of Paul Wellstone)”. “Accident” is also available there as a free download. For those who just can’t wait to have their own copy of Rebelution, a downloadable version, complete with full-color cover booklet and tray card, is available for purchase online. Pre-paid advance orders for the CD can also be made via the website.

A CD release concert for Rebelution is set for April 19 in San Diego, California at Victor’s By the Bay, with Yami Bolo and the Majestic Ministry. For ticket info contact Enter the online contests to win a free CD and a pair of tickets to the concert by visiting the Zion High Productions Web site (offer good until 4/15).


Sheila Chandra, The Indipop Retrospective

Sheila Chandra - The Indipop Retrospective
Sheila Chandra – The Indipop Retrospective

Milwaukee, USA – The latest installment in the collection of reissues of Sheila Chandra’s recordings is The Indipop Retrospective. It features Chandra’s work on Indipop spanning 1983-2003.

The enhanced CD retrospective includes a video of ‘Lament of McCrimmon/Song of the Banshee’ and 1 previously unreleased track, ‘Crescent Silver Scythe.’

During the early 1980s, Chandra and Indipop released 5 groundbreaking albums which allowed her to explore — with no commercial or media pressures — her deepening creativity as a vocalist, composer, and artist in the truest sense.


Folk Music from Denmark 2003 CD

Copenhagen, Denmark – The 2003 edition of “Folk Music from Denmark” is now available. The album was released by MXP -Danish Music Export & Promotion in cooperation with the Danish Folk Council (Folkemusikkens Fælles Sekretariat) in the “Music from Denmark” series. The CDs are made for promotion only and sent out first and foremost to festivals and media abroad.

“Folk Music From Denmark” presents Danish artists on the current Danish folk scene in a broad sense: traditional dance music, folk rock, singer/songwriters and much more. Visit MXP on the internet at


Euro Lounge

Euro Lounge
Euro Lounge
New York, USA – Putumayo released this week the follow up to the commercially successful World Lounge collection. Euro Lounge features a range of artists from the electronica and pop scenes including Arling & Cameron (The Netherlands), Gare Du Nord (Belgium), Mambotur (Germany / Chile), Mastretta (Spain), Bandabardo (Italy), Bossa Nostra (Italy / Brazil ), Gabin (Italy), Vanja Lazarova (Macedonia), S-Tone Inc. (Italy) , Thievery Corporation (USA), Ilhan Ersahin (Turkey) and Daniele Silvestri (Italy).