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Bleizi Ruz

Bleizi Ruz (Red Wolves in the Breton language) performed at dances throughout Brittany for many years. The Red Wolves’ musical roots lied in the traditional folk music of Brittany and other Celtic regions in Europe. These Celtic roots were the musical foundations of the band, whose members understood how to mix tradition with new styles and ideas in order to develop the unmistakable Bleizi Ruz sound.

The group was formed in western France, making successful appearances at festivals and other venues throughout France. The band’s international breakthrough was achieved during a Celtic tour through Germany, which, again, led to other performances all over Europe and the United States.

In 1993, Bleizi Ruz were the central figure in a tribute album, “Hent Sant Jakez,” that celebrated the medieval (and still used) Camino de Santiago pilgrimage route to Saint James’ tomb in the cathedral of Santiago de Compostela, in northwestern Spain. The Breton band was accompanied by musicians from Castille (Spain), Galicia (Spain), Ireland and Cornwall (Great Britain). The album was recorded in Cornwall, a remote Celtic region of England.

Musicians: Eric Liorzou (guitar, mandola, vocals), Loic Leborgne (accordion, vocals), Bernard Quillien (bombard, whistles, vocals), Thierry Decloux (bass, vocals), David Hopkins (percussion).

The group disbanded in 2003 although they got back together in 2007 for a series of events.


Musiques et danses de Bretagne (Arfolk, 1973)
Bleizi Ruz (Kerblues, 1980)
Coz Liorzou (Pluriel, 1984)
Klask Ar Plac’h (Pluriel, 1985)
Pell Ha Kichen No (Adipho, 1988)
En Concert (Shamrock Records, 1991)
Hent Sant Jakez (Shamrock Record, 1993)
Celtic Trip (Shamrock Records, 1996)
An Teuz (Ciré jaune, 2001)

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