Artist Profiles: Anne Auffret

Anne Auffret is a a native of Bulat Pestiven, located between Tregor and Cornouaille (Brittany), a rural region where Breton is still widely spoken. She studied traditional song with Marcel Guilloux and the Celtic harp with Mariannig Larc’hantec, Muriel Chamard-Bois and Madalen Buffandeau.

True to her roots, she weaves a link between past and future by singing traditional songs in Breton, an endangered language. Her repertoire is made up of religious and secular songs.

Her career took off in 1973 with the release of her first album Kanennon Santel. Since then she has been giving concerts throughout Europe. The traditional songs of her repertoire attest to a powerful popular imagination: the Gwerz and the Soniou. She also works with singer Yann Fanch Kemener, bombarde Jean Baron, flautist Pol Huellou and organist Michel Ghesquiere.

Anne Auffret also teaches harp courses at various international camps.


Roue Gralon Ni Ho Salud (Keltia Musique, 1994)

Author: Angel Romero

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