Artist Profiles: Agnes Buen Garnas

Agnes Buen Garnås
Agnes Buen Garnås

Agnes Buen Garnås, born in 1946, is one of Norway’s leading traditional singers. She is a member of the famous Buen family (of Jondalen in Telemark), and has been a pioneer in the efforts to revitalize Norwegian vocal traditions. Her achievements in this area have had a great influence on young traditional vocalists throughout the country.

Garnås has inspired them to seek out their own local traditions, and has brought many young singers onto the stage. Her collaboration with Jan Garbarek on Rosensfole has become a classic in its genre. Her warm, lovely voice finds its mate in Garbarek’s soundscape.


Det spelar og syng i familien Buen (1975)
Når klokkune gjeve dur (1976)
Folk Music of Norway (1977)
Nordafjølls (1983)
På gamle tufter, with Sondre Bratland (Kåre Nordstoga, Guttorm *Guttormsen, Knut Buen, Halvor Håkanes, Warren Carlstrøm and Finn *Kvalem (1985)
Jul med Rupesekken (1985)
Stem våre understrenger, with Knut Buens (1988)
Draumkvedet, with Inger Lise Ulsrud and Knut Buen (1989)
Tusseliten og Trippeliti, with Finn Kvalem, Guttorm Guttormsen, Knut Buen and Olav Snortheim (1989)
Rosensfole, with Jan Garbarek (ECM, 1989)
Twelve Moons, with Jan Garbarek (ECM, 1992)
Høgdepunkt frå Landskappleiken (1994)
Med blanke ark (19940
Attersyn, with Knut Buen (1995)
Stev og slått, with Knut Buen (1996)
Det syng, with Anne Marit Jacobsen, Halvor Håkanes, Eli Storbekken and *Sinikka Langeland (1997)
Langt inn i hugheimen, with Knut Buen (1997)
Ljos og skugge, with Knut Buen (1998)
Soltreet (2002)
Han rider den mørke natt (2002)

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