Haitian American Manze Dayila Releases Single in Support of Obama

Manze Dayila - Photo Credit: Peter Domorak
Manze Dayila – Photo Credit: Peter Domorak
Haitian New Yorker Manze Dayila was inspired to write a song about Barack Obama after being invited to perform at a rally in her New York neighborhood. Inspiration struck in the shower and the rest is now history on YouTube.

"When I look at Barack Obama and listen to him speak, I can see and hear his determination for change," says Dayila. "We are all children of the world, deserve to live better, have better education, better health care. I believe in his message that war is not the answer. I think he can change our situation into a better one. I think this is change we all need. I am a Barack Obama supporter 100%!"

Manze Dayila recently released Solé, her debut CD and the story of how she got from :Haiti to New York is a tale of survival and strength… she made it to the States in a leaky boat, 8 months pregnant, gave birth in Miami shortly after landing; left an abusive relationship in Miami and made her way to New York; and found a talent for interpreting the songs and traditions of Haiti while being firmly a New Yorker.

The single is available for free download here: Manze Dayila’s "Change" and the password is obama (case sensitive.)

YouTube link for "Change": http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q4cYPQ6Apsw

Download link for "Change": http://www.4shared.com/dir/9769892/57176e1f/Manze_Dayila_Barack_audio.html

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