East African Star Samba Mapangala Sings for Obama

Samba Mapangala
Samba Mapangala
Samba Mapangala, East Africa’s most beloved singer, recognizing how much Africans love Barack Obama and how proud Kenyans are of Obama’s Presidential candidacy, has released a song in his honor: "Obama Ubarikiwe." The title translates as "Obama Be Blessed." The new Swahili lyrics say: There’s a new leader in America. Let’s applaud him. We wish you long life. Do a good job for us. Viva Obama! The song continues: Obama, leadership is a gift from God, and you have it. Please help to bring peace, change and hope to all Americans and all the world. We love you!

The video features 14-year-old Kenyan rapper Fanaka Ndege and portrays how Obama’s candidacy brings people of different generations and backgrounds together. It was produced and directed by Jose Shalita and Robin Berry, assisted by George Ndege. Watch the video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pk3_7nQ4wiM

The original recording was made in Chicago in September at Delmark’s Riverside Studio and produced by Nathaniel Braddock of the Occidental Brothers and Old Town School of Folk Music. The vocal remix adds harmony vocals by Jonal Buya Lutete, formerly with OK Jazz.

Free MP3 downloads of the original song and remixes are available at drop.io/sambasingsforobama

Samba Mapangala’s latest album, African Classics, was released in June 2008 by Sheer Sounds. For more information on Samba, go to Samba Mapangala.

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