Electric Levantine by Murat Ses

Electric Levantine (Clou Records Clou-007 and on digital
portals iTunes, aol.de, etc)

Electric Levantine (2006) is Murat Ses’
sixth solo album following Binfen 2005 Remix and Automaton²
(San Francisco Miami Impressions)
last year.

As the name reveals, the whole album is produced in Murat Ses’ unique style
he dubs Electric Levantine, a more experimental form of
Anadolu Pop
, he’s also the creator of. He is one of the most important
artists who shaped and formed his native country’s music and every year he is
getting more international attention he deserves.

One of striking novelties of this album is the use of vocals. The singers
originating in the USA, South Africa and from different parts of the world, make
a very impressive contribution to Murat’s unique music. Some of them sing in
hip-hop or rap style, others sing in a very romantic way reminding of the 1960’s
psychedelic era.

The most remarkable track on the album is ‘Electric Levantine’,
a dance/electronica song with great ‘zurna sound’ played on Murat’s
microtuned synthesizers. Could be a dancefloor hit if discovered by someone in
the related part of the music industry. Very impressive…

The album opens with Play for Love, an exquisite mixture of
traditional chants with contemporary singers accompanied by saz and

Following tracks Raw Deal, Strange Fields both
represent a healthy blend of ‘East Meets West Sound’, possibly one of the
best these days.

Another impressive track, one of my favs on the album, is the closing track:
Groove Anatolia, Anatolian saz groove in the background,
enriched and blended with synth melodies leading to Murat’s hallmark organ solos
as heavy as back in the 1970s.

Another great album, showing that high accessibility can be possible even by
using high complex material if incorporated in a smart, innovative context;
something that might satisfy a broad range of music lovers.

Artwork and liner notes by ÖpBe as in the previous albums.

Author: sven