New CD by O-Hum: Persian Underground Rock Music

O-Hum - Aloodeh
O-Hum – Aloodeh
Rock music, Persian classical music instruments and modes, studio sound wizardry, with lyrics by two of the most prominent figures of Persian classical literature, Hafez and Rumi, are the essence of Aloodeh. This is the 2nd album by O-Hum, but the first to be released as an official CD worldwide.

Since their debut album Nahale Heyrat, which was offered as a free download from their official website,, five years ago, O-Hum have been the pioneers and forerunners of the thriving Persian underground rock music scene.

With “Aloodeh”, Shahram Sharbaf, the creative brain behind O-Hum, has once again written, produced , performed, sang, recorded, and engineered an exceptional Persian rock music album that will raise the technical and musical standards set by Nahaleh Heyrat even higher.

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