Shamisen Music Samples CD-ROM by Discovery Sound

Japan – Japanese manufacturer
Discovery Sound
continues its series of Far East Asian musical samples with
a CD-ROM dedicated to one of Japan’s most treasured instruments, the


The shamisen’s lineage can be traced back to the biwa and other similar
instruments that arrived to Japan from China, and there is likely no sound to
which the Japanese ear is more accustomed. The shakuhachi has little intonation,
and the koto, while gorgeous, has no lightness. A mere three strings spun of
silken threads express the entire range of human emotion with rich feelings. In period dramas, the shape of a shamisen can be readily discerned in many
scenes, but even on such a modern, imaginary stage, it can serve as the ideal
tool to communicate the Japanese heart of those times by proxy. However, it may
be that modern people, whose identity is far from clear, have a special
understanding of the sound of the shamisen. Recent recordings, like the ones by

Yoshida Brothers
, that fused shamisen with modern sounds have become very
popular in Japan and other countries.

For more info: Format: ACID/WAV/REX2.
Price: 25.00 (free shipping).

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