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Yolanda Aranda & Enrique Coria  - Intimo
Yolanda Aranda & Enrique Coria


Yolanda Aranda & Enrique Coria

Intimo – Latin American Canciones for Voice & Guitar (Acoustic Disc)

When many music lovers seek romantic music they often turn to Latin American
musicians to provide for sensual moments. Astrud Gilberto, Astor Piazzolla and
Carlos Gardel (infamous master of tango) come to mind. Combine the heady
sensations of Latin music with a real life love story involving the fate of a
Chicana vocalist (Yolanda Aranda) and an Argentine guitarist (Enrique Coria) who
met at a party, fell in love, married and formed a musical partnership while
giving birth to the impassioned CD, Intimo.While this love story acts as a selling point for the duet’s collection of folk
songs, the music on the CD in itself rises to the occasion. Yolanda possesses a
virtuoso vocal talent with a wide range and passion to burn. She easily
traverses through rancheras, boleros and tangos while never forgetting her Latin
roots. We can feel her love for tradition and her rich heritage as she nurtures
each song. And many listeners will recall Linda Ronstad’s Mexican folk music
period and Portuguese fados while listening to Yolanda’s render the traditional

Enrique adds his own musical ingredients to the mix and his expertly rendered
guitar creates the perfect marriage to Yolanda’s exquisite vocals. Enrique also
celebrates his Argentine heritage while focusing on the beauty that his
instrument creates. He strums, coaxes and caresses melodies from his guitar
while displaying his incredible musical gift.

The songs on the album hail from Peru, Argentina, Mexico and Spain. The songs
also range in complexity–Acho Manzi and Saint-Preux’s Concerto for a Solo Voice
and Elipidio Ramirez’s La MalagueƱa with it’s extensive use of falsetto and
other musical demands prove to be the most challenging tracks on Intimo. You
will also find a range of moods on the album. Peruvian songwriter Chabuca
Granda’s The Bridge of Sighs offers a lively respite while Argentine composer’s
The Trouble of Men offers a melancholy lament.

Although Intimo has been released on a small label, this disc is loaded
with talent, impassioned performances and a wealth of traditional folk songs.
The love story that conceived Intimo brings with it moments of magic realism and
plenty of musical inspiration, but it is the duet’s love affair with music that
brings us home.
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