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Kabul Workshop  - Trigana
Kabul Workshop – Trigana
Kabul Workshop

Trigana (Tinder Records, 2002)

Imperialism in all its guises and current world politicking have created a new diaspora with many of the musical
results ending up in London or Paris. For instance the international electronic outfit, Kabul Workshop includes
exiles from Afghanistan and India that when combined with Euro influences creates something positive out of
something devastating. The title of the CD, Trigana translates to, “tri is for three in English and gana for three in Indian.” Kabul
Workshop formed by a Neapolitan, Francesco Russo and an Afghan Khaled Arman fuses the best of French
and English electronica with Persian and Indian music. The sound of tablas rip through electronic drum beats
and a tar (Persian lute), other exotic instruments and keyboards ride over the funky wave. Afghan vocalist
Massoud Raonaq’s serpentine vocals weave into the tapestry of exotic instrumentation creating the perfect mix
for DJs and those into the trance scene.

The CD liner notes are a bit confusing since it list a different set of musicians than in the group’s BIO. The
musicians that appear on the CD include Khaled Arman on Rubab and tar, Ikram Khan on sarangi, Hanif Khan
on tablas, Massoud Raonaq on vocals and Francesco Russo on piano and keyboards. The
music here reminds us to dance off our frustrations, anger and sadness to reach a place of inner peace. If
these musicians can do it, anyone can.

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