Beguiling Amalgam of Jazz And Ethereal Soundscapes

White Canvas - Hundreds of Ways
White Canvas – Hundreds of Ways
White Canvas

Hundreds of Ways (Ozella Music OZ 028 CD, 2010)

Hundreds of Ways is a delightful album by White Canvas, a project that brings together the fascinating vocal expressions of free-style German singer Rena Meyer Wiel and the exquisite melodies and soundscapes of multi-instrumentalist Rolf Beydemüller.

The first piece on the album, A Fine Wind is Blowing, sets the tone with Rena Meyer Wiel’s beautiful vocals, accompanied the sounds of birds and wind instruments also emulating birds. To some this may sound like new age, but the music has more to do with exploratory jazz and ambient music.

Throughout the album Rena Meyer Wiel treats the listener to a wide-range of marvelous vocal works. Her overdubs are striking, creating multiple voices. Rolf Beydemüller’s virtuosic guitar and inspired soundscapes are the perfect complement.

Hundreds of Ways is a beguiling mix of jazz and ethereal soundscapes, celebrating the beauty of the human voice.

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