Murat Ses Tenth Album Sundial Released in the USA

Murat Ses - Sundial
Murat Ses – Sundial
Murat Ses has a new album titled Sundial released by Clou Records (Clou-011) on August 1, 2013 . Digital-only available at iTunes and other digital shops.

Sundial incorporates a myriad of cross-cultural elements and all these not only limited to Anatolia. Native-American, Central Asian shaman sounds combined with zurna sounds and melodic organ solos (with an Anatolian touch for sure). “…from the very simple idea that the time-measuring function of sundial depends on the sun and the gnomon. The positioning of this combined system makes it possible to read the time as the sun moves across the sky. Always one truth as long as all elements in the system are in their right positions. You may regard those elements as place holders in any functioning system such as cultures and beliefs. The humanity is the source of all as the sun here is. We are the common denominators even if we would not admit…”.

Sundial (title track), Gnomon (funky Anatolian fusion with upbeat microtonal riffs), Circumsolaire, Katchinam (a Hopi impression), Motion of Noon (some reference to Murat Ses organ solos during Paris days with a small part of Lorke), Minute of Arc (state-of-art synth work w some tribal stuff) give the impression of a great historical journey of Anadolu Pop from late 60s to Anadolu Pop 2.0 or Electric Levantine of 2010s.

Murat Ses, a veteran of modern Anatolian music dubbed as ‘Father of Anadolu Pop’ worldwide was featured in some renowned U.S. (Expose, Keyboard and others) and UK magazine The Wire by Danny Spicer (as a synthie wizard emerging from Turkey and Middle East) lately. Synthies with Anatolian microtonal tuning, evoke the feeling of a Turkish/Anatolian wedding all the way thru the album. Awesome organ, microtonal synthesizer performance by Murat Ses and additional contributions by a network of international vocalists from all over the world (Kcentric, Enty3way aka Black Money, J2age, Kendra and Natemonoxide to name some).

The music has been composed and recorded during his stays in the U.S.A. (St. Augustine, Miami and Orlando), Austria and Turkey (Bodrum), enriched by Murat’s microtonal synthesizer performances and additional vocal contributions. Sundial a ‘real’ global music, incorporating a myriad of world music sounds (Anatolian, Turkish timbres along with Native American and other style influences) all dominated by an aura of Anatolian/Levantine music.

Very accessible, danceable, with pulsing, pumping groove garnished with some electronic “saz, davul and zurna” playing. Artwork and post-production as well as final cuts by ÖpBe (aka Nihal Ses), who has been designing and supplying thematic ideas all of Murat Ses albums and liner notes. For more information check: and Further reading on Murat Ses, his bio and his unique styles Anadolu Pop and Electric Levantine:

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