Flavorful Kachupada

Carmen Souza - Kachupada
Carmen Souza – Kachupada
Carmen Souza

Kachupada (Harmonia Mundi / Galileo-MC, released in Europe in 2012, rest of the world in 2013)

Portuguese singer-songwriter, composer and multi-instrumentalist Carmen Souza has one of the most unique and refreshing voices in the current jazz scene. Her unconventional scatting combines traditional jazz techniques with Cape Verdean (her family is of Cape Verdean origin) influences.

Carmen Souza’s musical character really stands out. While many female jazz vocalists are recording standards and new material with smooth jazzy arrangements, Carmen’s style is much creative and attractive. She presents a spicy mix of originals and standards where jazz and global sounds come together. Carmen uses jazz as a foundation and adds Cape Verdean traditional music such as batuke, morna, and cola djon; Gypsy jazz; and Brazilian rhythms to her sound.

Although Carmen Souza provides most of the lyrics and some of the music in Kachupada, her collaborator, skilled bassist Theo Pas’cal provides a fabulous counterpoint with his elegant bass. Theo also composed some of the pieces and made many of the arrangements.

This album’s titled is inspired by one of Carmen’s favorite foods, a spicy Cape Verdean corn-based meal dish called Cachupa. Kachupada manifests the diversity of influences in Carmen Souza’s music.

The album lineup includes Carmen Souza on vocals, piano, guitar; Theo Pas’cal on acoustic and electric basses; Tuche on guitar and arrangements; Guto Lucena on saxophones and flutes Jonathan Idiaybonya on piano; Mauricio Zottarelli on drums and percussion; Nelson Oliveira on bongos and background vocals; João Frade on accordion; Anton di nha Maria on percussion; Zoe Pas’cal on percussion; and Joao Moreita on flugelhorn.

Kachupada is a splendid world music-rooted jazz album by one of the most remarkable performers in the current jazz scene.

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