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Artist Profiles: Session A9

Session A9

Originally conceived by Capercaillie’s fiddler Charlie McKerron as a one-off album project, Session A9 evolved into one of Scotland’s most sought-after bands. fiddlers McKerron, Gordon Gunn, Adam Sutherland and Kevin Henderson, singer/guitarist Kris Drever, accordionist/guitarist Tim Edey and keyboardist Brian McAlpine

As Charlie McKerron of Capercaillie explained they “are basically a bunch of friends who just enjoy music and like to share the good feeling around a bit!”. McKerron, Duncan Chisholm of Wolfstone, Gordon Gunn of the Gordon Gunn Band and Adam Sutherland of Croft Number Five came together for this project in a desire to bring fresh, creative and original music to a worldwide audience. They form the nucleus of the band.


What Road? (Real Acoustic Jam Records, 2003)
Bottlenecks and Armbreakers (Real Acoustic Jam Records, 2008)
Live at Celtic Connections (Threads of Sound, 2010)
Session A9 (Real Acoustic Jam Records, 2012)