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Artist Profiles: Gwendal


Since 1972, the year in which Gwendal was formed, its musical style has evolved, taking an increasingly sophisticated and original path. Gwendal has developed a large number of followers, both in their native country, France, and abroad. The group was formed by multi-instrumentalists Youen Le Berre (flute, bagpipe and vocals) and Robert Le Gall ( fiddle, electric guitar and vocals).

Very early, Gwendal took a new direction that made it stand out in the Celtic music field. The band used new arrangements and incorporated rock, jazz, folk and classical music.


Gwendal, later called Irish Jig (Pathé, 1974)
Gwendal, second album later called Joe Can’t Reel (Pathé, 1975)
Rainy Day – À vos désirs (Pathé, 1976)
4 – Les Mouettes se battent (Pathé, 1979)
En concert (Pathé, 1981)
Gwendal, also known as Locomo (Pathé, 1983)
Danse la musique (Pathé, 1985)
Glen River (Tempo Maker Productions, 1989)
Pan Ha Diskan (Tempo Maker Productions, 1995)
War-Raog (Sterne, 2005)
Live in Getxo (Actos Management, 2016)