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Jazz and Egyptian Intersections

Quadro Nuevo & Cairo Steps – Flying Carpet

Quadro Nuevo & Cairo Steps – Flying Carpet (Fine Music/Justin Time, 2017)

Flying Carpet is a project that brings together two German ensembles, Quadro Nuevo and Cairo Steps that intersect world music and jazz. On Flying Carpet the two ensembles are joined by an additional set of Middle Eastern musicians.

On Flying Carpet you’ll find a remarkable mix of lively world fusion, cinematic passages, Sufi chants, classical elements, jazz and lounge as well, where western classical music instruments interact with Middle Eastern instruments such as oud, ney, frame drums and darbuka.

Quadro Nuevo is a German acoustic world jazz quartet that was founded in 1996. Personnel: Mulo Francel on woodwinds; Dietmar Lowka on bass and percussion; Andreas Hinterseher on accordion; and Evelyn Huber on harp.

Cairo Steps includes German and Egyptian instrumentalists that combine Egyptian traditions with jazz and classical music, using western, Armenian and Middle Eastern instruments. Personnel: Basem Darwisch on oud; Rageed William on nay and duduk; Wolfgang Witteman on soprano and alto saxophones; Sebastian Müller-Schrobsdorff on grand piano; Matthias Frey on piano; Max Klass on percussion; Stefan Hergenröder on bass; Ragy Kamal on kanun; Hani Alsawaf on percussion; Shereen Azmy on violin; Emad Azmy on violin; Amir Akhnoukh on violin; Ahmed Tarek on violin; and Jan Boshra on cello.

Guests on Flying Carpet include Ali El Helwabi on vocals; Sheikh Ehab Younis on vocals; Dr. Ines Abdeldaiem on flute; and Ahmed Kawala on kawala.