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Jembe Maestro from Burkina Faso

Adama Dramé : Dakan (Buda Musique CD 4790380, 2016)

Master drummer Adama Dramé, from Burkina Faso, celebrates his 50-year career with Dakan. Dramé is one of the greatest jembe players in West Africa. On Dramé he presents full ensemble modern pieces as well as solo drums.

On the ensemble pieces, Dramé fuels his music with irresistible rhythms featuring additional jembe, tama (talking drums), dunun and bala (wooden xylophone) along with a large number of guests who provide a wide-range of traditional and modern musical instruments.

Highlights include “SNC” (National Culture Week) where there is a delightful interaction between the fiddle, flute and call and response vocals supported by drums and bala.

Another favorite is “Bobo Dioulasso” with excellent guitar work and a Cuban-style trumpet. A meeting of Afro-Cuban and Manding cultures.

Another standout is the fast paced “Zouloubou Zalaba” featuring call and response vocals and trumpet riffs.

The last track, “Djomaya” features a captivating slow groove and very fine guitar.

The lineup on Dakan includes Adama Dramé on jembe and vocals; Awa Kini on backing vocals; Bhotian Dembélé on lead guitar; Lassina Zouon on zin zin; Salifou Dramé on jembe; and Sololomane Djabaté on bala.

Guests include Adjara Cissé on lead and backing vocals; Mamou sylla on lead and backing vocals; Oumar Daou and Bob Lay on backing vocals; Acchille Outtara on guitar; Bakary Konaté on tama and dunun; Boulaye Kini on tama; Clément Janinet on violin; Djakaria Diabaté on flue; Drissa Kini on keyboards; Erwann Bouvier on mandolin; Issouf Kini on dunun; Jack Eslaku on trumpet; Jean-Philippe Rykiel on keyboards; Lamine Soumano on kora and acoustic guitar; Lassina Nébié on bara; Mary Henderson saxophone; and Ray Lema on keyboards.

The extensive CD booklet includes lyrics, photos and liner notes in English and French.

Adama Dramé was born in Nuna (Burkina Faso) in 1954 in a family of jembe players. He directs a renowned ensemble of musicians and dancers called Foliba.

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