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Adam Rudolph’s Moving Pictures – Glare of the Tiger (M.O.D. Technologies, 2017)

Glare of the Tiger is a series of remarkable world music jams performed by a superb collective of forward-thinking jazz musicians led by acclaimed composer and percussionist Adam Rudolph.

Throughout the album, the rhythm section lays out a solid foundation of creative percussion and bass over which you get a series of horn, electronic keyboard and guitar melodic evolutions and improvisations that mix jazz, jazz-rock and world music elements. You can hear influences from Ethiopian, Indian and Gnawa music at times, and from many other parts of the world.

Adam Rudolph plays a wide range of percussion instruments, including a drum set composed of hand drums from different traditions: Haitian kongos, West African jembe and Moroccan tarija (small frame drum).

The state of the art recording of Glare of the Tiger was made at Bill Laswell’s Orange Music Studio with James Dellatacoma as head engineer.

The lineup on Moving Pictures includes Adam Rudolph on handrum set, sintir, cajón, itótele, glockenspiel, gongs, additional percussion; Alexis Marcelo on Fender Rhodes, electric keyboards & Hammond B3; Damon Banks on electric bass; Graham Haynes on cornet, flugelhorn, electronics; Hamid Drake on drum set, percussion; James Hurt on sogo and kidi drums, oghene bell, okónkolo, Fender Rhodes, smart phone synthesizer module and sound design; Kenny Wessel on electric guitar, electronics; and Ralph M. Jones on c flute, alto flute, bass clarinet, soprano and tenor saxophones, husli and bamboo flutes.

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Artist Profiles: Adam Rudolph

Adam Rudolph
Adam Rudolph

Adam Rudolph, a native of Chicago, is known as one of the early innovators in what is now called world music. In 1977 he co-founded The Mandingo Griot Society with Gambian musician Foday Musa Suso, one of the first bands to combine African and American music. In 1988, he recorded the first fusion of American and Gnawa music with Moroccan sintir player and vocalist Hassan Hakmoun and jazz trumpet great Don Cherry. In the same year. Rudolph began his association with the legendary Yusef Lateef, which continued until Lateef’s passing in 2013 to this day.

In April of 2002, when Omar Sosa and his Septet arrived in Los Angeles for a run at the Jazz Bakery, it was possible for Rudolph and Sosa, two kindred spirits, to meet and make music together. The result was Pictures of Soul, a journey into the transcendent realms of the creative music process.

Pictures of Soul is an improvised music collaboration between Cuban pianist Omar Sosa and Rudolph, based in Los Angeles These two creative musicians had enjoyed each other’s work at a distance for several years. Both share an appreciation of ritual trance music.

Sosa and Rudolph both experience their art as an interactive spiritual voyage. Their approach in the studio called simply for an openness to explore musical landscapes together – without charts, without rehearsal. In Pictures of Soul Sosa plays mostly acoustic piano, both on the keys and inside the instrument. Rudolph is featured on an array of hand drums, including jembe, tarija, dumbek and tabla.

Rudolph leads his own ensemble, Go: Organic Orchestra, an orchestral concept of world/improvisational music.


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