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Zion High Productions to Release First Reggae CD

Yami Bolo - Rebelution
Yami Bolo – Rebelution
San Diego, USA – Zion High Productions has announced the forthcoming release of its debut CD, Rebelution by Yami Bolo, featuring the Majestic Ministry.

Stand-out tracks include “Liberation” with Capleton, “Good Must Conquer Evil”, and the timely “Accident (dedicated to Mumia Abu Jamal in memory of Paul Wellstone)”. “Accident” is also available there as a free download. For those who just can’t wait to have their own copy of Rebelution, a downloadable version, complete with full-color cover booklet and tray card, is available for purchase online. Pre-paid advance orders for the CD can also be made via the website.

A CD release concert for Rebelution is set for April 19 in San Diego, California at Victor’s By the Bay, with Yami Bolo and the Majestic Ministry. For ticket info contact Enter the online contests to win a free CD and a pair of tickets to the concert by visiting the Zion High Productions Web site (offer good until 4/15).


Sheila Chandra, The Indipop Retrospective

Sheila  Chandra -  The Indipop Retrospective
Sheila Chandra – The Indipop Retrospective
Milwaukee, USA – The latest installment in the collection of reissues of Sheila Chandra’s recordings is The Indipop Retrospective. It features Chandra’s work on Indipop spanning 1983-2003. The enhanced CD retrospective includes a video of ‘Lament of McCrimmon/Song of the Banshee’ and 1 previously unreleased track, ‘Crescent Silver Scythe.’ During the early 1980s, Chandra and Indipop released 5 groundbreaking albums which allowed her to explore — with no commercial or media pressures — her deepening creativity as a vocalist, composer, and artist in the truest sense.


Folk Music from Denmark 2003 CD

Copenhagen, Denmark – The 2003 edition of “Folk Music from Denmark” is now available. The album was released by MXP -Danish Music Export & Promotion in cooperation with the Danish Folk Council (Folkemusikkens Fælles Sekretariat) in the “Music from Denmark” series. The CDs are made for promotion only and sent out first and foremost to festivals and media abroad.

“Folk Music From Denmark” presents Danish artists on the current Danish folk scene in a broad sense: traditional dance music, folk rock, singer/songwriters and much more. Visit MXP on the internet at


Euro Lounge

Euro Lounge
Euro Lounge
New York, USA – Putumayo released this week the follow up to the commercially successful World Lounge collection. Euro Lounge features a range of artists from the electronica and pop scenes including Arling & Cameron (The Netherlands), Gare Du Nord (Belgium), Mambotur (Germany / Chile), Mastretta (Spain), Bandabardo (Italy), Bossa Nostra (Italy / Brazil ), Gabin (Italy), Vanja Lazarova (Macedonia), S-Tone Inc. (Italy) , Thievery Corporation (USA), Ilhan Ersahin (Turkey) and Daniele Silvestri (Italy).


New CD by Boris Kovac & Ladaaba Orchest

Berlin, Germany – Ballads at the End of Time is the title of the new album by Sebian act Boris Kovac & Ladaaba Orchest. The album, released by Piranha, is the second part of La Danza Apocalypsa.

The series features music inspired by life after the Apocalypse. “This is the second and the last CD album of the La Danza Apocalypsa Balcanica Project. I hope that such a theme will never inspire me again.” Boris Kovac


Simona Barbera’s Sicilian Memories

Cologne, Germany – Mirto is the title of the new album by Italian artist Simona Barbera. Released by German label Heaven and Earth, Mirto is dedicated to the birthplace of her parents, Sicily.

Each of her songs is dedicated to a place on the Mediterranean island. The poetic sound of the names like Milena, Palermo, Carini, Tindari or Corleone is more important to her than geographic or historical facts. Mirto is also a town on Siciliy. But Simona Barbera was probably thinking more of Mirto – myrtle – a typical Sicilian plant with magical powers, which when laid on the navel with bread, bay leaf and olive oil eases emotional and bodily pain.


Saharawi Nayim Alal Releases New CD

Madrid, Spain – Saharawi musician Nayim Alal will present his new CD, Nar, in Madrid. The event will take place Thursday, March 27 at 10 p.m. at the Sala Hebe, Calle Tomás García, 17.

Nayim plays fiery desert blues. It is epic, amorous, nostalgic, brave, and also witty and humorous.


Najma’s Spectacular Return

Najma - Vivid
Najma – Vivid

Los Angeles, USA – Indian singer Najma has returned after a long silence with a sensational album. Titled “Vivid,” it combines Najma’s unique vocals with rich harmonies, electronic beats and trance-like atmospheres. The album is available from Mondo Melodia/Ark 21.

This is her 5th album.


New Radio Tarifa Album

Radio Tarifa - Fiebre
Radio Tarifa – Fiebre
London, UK – Fiebre, a new album by Spanish world fusion band, Radio Tarifa, will be out soon in the form of a live album. Recorded during their 2002 tour, it will showcase the group’s unique musicianship in a live setting. A great live attraction, Radio Tarifa will tour again this year.

Radio Tarifa is the brainchild of Faín Dueñas, a former electric guitarist who realized that playing Anglo-Saxon rock wasn’t leading him anywhere. Instead, he sought new paths and learned about other kinds of music from foreign and southern Spanish musicians. Currently, he has become an specialist in African and Arabic percussion, as well as in string instruments from the lute family such as the Turkish cümbüs, the guimbri, sentir, ud; and Flamenco guitar.


New Album by Cesaria Evora

Paris, France – The Cape Verdean diva has recorded a new album for her new record company, BMG France.

Cesaria Evora - São Vicente
The new CD is titled Sao Vicente di Longe (Sao Vicente so Far Away). The album will be released the first week of April. It was recorded in Paris, Havana and Rio de Janeiro. Several high profile guests appear on the recording: Caetano Veloso, Bonnie Raitt and Orquesta Aragón.

A worldwide tour will follow after the release of the album.