World Music Forum and Showcase Babel Med Music Announces 2013 Program

visu-babel-2013-20-30Babel Med Music will make Marseilles (France) the focus of the international world music community in March. For the 9th consecutive year, the Mediterranean city will host this international world music event, March 21-23.

Founded in 2005, Babel Med takes place in the ‘Docks des Suds’ venue, where professionals and the general public are exposed to international acts. It is an intense and crowded unique event that brings together music professionals who wish to do business as well as the general public who go to listen to music.

During three days and three nights, across 4 stages, Babel Med Music will present 36 concerts, 190 artists, 19 round-table discussions and 170 trade fair stands.

Artists Scheduled:

Ablaye Cissoko & Volker Goetze (Senegal – Germany): The ethereal summit of Afro-European Jazz

Baloji (Congo – Belgium): The Flow Afro boss, modern sorcerer of the Congo River

Black Bazar (Congo): Congolese rumba’s return to its origins

Chicha Libre (United States – Peru): The psychedelic cumbia creates a tropical phenomenon

Coetus (Spain): An eloquent dialogue between traditional Spanish percussions

Cie Rassegna (Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur Region, France): Popular Mediterranean songs sublimely revisited

D’aqui Dub (Région PACA, France): The hypnotic sounds of electro-folk along the Mediterranean seashore

De Temps Antan (Canada): The traditional power-trio, the kings of Quebecois folk

Du Bartas (France): A cauldron of traditional music from the Languedoc region

Dubioza Kolektiv (Bosnia): Scenic bomb and Balkan fusion

Elina Duni Quartet (Albania –Switzerland): The jazzy vocalizations of an Albanian poet who seduces and thrills

Gren Seme (Reunion Island) – Prix Alain Peters 2012: The new adventurers of the evolutionary Maloya

Hoba Hoba Spirit (Morocco): Moroccan Rage, Rock from Casa !

Joaquin Diaz (Dominican Republic – Canada): The Merengue ambassador in exile

Kan’nida (Guadeloupe): The Gwoka sap, the spirit of Guadeloupe

Mariem Hassan (Western Sahara –Spain): The enchanting voice from the desert, the splendor of the Sahara

Mashrou’ Leila (Lebanon): The brilliant pioneers of oriental indie rock

Mazalda – Turbo Clap (France): World Music in trance, psychedelic-style

Mohammad Motamedi (Iran): Persian music’s vocal prodigy

Mounira Mitchala (Chad) – Scène Sacem: The precious jewel of desert folk-blues

Rosapaeda (Italy): A voice full of grace from Southern Italy

S.Mos (France): The improbable encounter between jazz legends and stars from the rap music scene

Sia Tolno (Guinea) – Scène Sacem : The Guinean diamond from the Volcanoes of Africa

Söndörgö (Hungary): A sensual embrace between Southern Slavic music and the lost heritage of the Balkans

Spiky The Machinist (Région PACA, France) : The digital rebranding of the Highstep Planet

Taksim Trio (Turkey): Brilliant musical stroll along the shores of the Bosphorus

The Alaev Family (Israel – Tajikistan): The oriental exaltation of a family’s musical saga

Tiloun (Reunion Island): At the heart of the Maloya volcano is a thrilling whirlpool of music…

Victor O (Martinique): The quietly controlled musician whose fireworks set light to La Revolucion Karibeana’s

Vinicio Capossela (Italy): The whimsical poet captain on his fantastic Mediterranean Odyssey

Wanlov & The Afro-Gypsy Band (Ghana –Romania): Exploring new sounds within African-Gypsy music

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