“El Cano” Estremera to Bring Salsa to Soundview Park in The Bronx

Cano Estremera
Puerto Rican salsa singer, Cano “El Cano” Estremera is scheduled to perform on Tuesday, June 26 at 7:00 pm in Soundview Park, The Bronx (New York).

Cano Estremera has had a successful career in the music industry, spanning almost thirty years. Starting out as solely a percussionist, Estremera is now dedicated to performing music of all genres.

Estremera recorded six albums with Bobby Valentin’s band before forming his own group in 1984. Nicknamed “El Cano,” a word which is commonly used in Puerto Rico to refer to people of light complexion, Estremera is arguably the most famous albino in the Caribbean country and has raised awareness on the condition through his music. With a reputation for being a fast and clever improviser through soneo (call-response improvisation), Estremera is also known as “Dueño del soneo,” or “Owner of Soneo.” His on-the-spot technique provides for a unique, engaging audience experience.

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