Amazing Music Concert by Aditya Mohan Just Out Of The Teen Age

Aditya Mohan
SUNAAD in collaboration with the Subha Sidhi Vinayak Mandhir, Mayur Vihar, Delhi celebrated the Tamil New Year and the Vishu on the 14th April with a quaint vocal music concert by the young boy Aditya, just 20, at their Concert Hall. For this young age – just out of the teens one would have probably assembled with a little condescension to encourage a youngster. But he took all by surprise with his mature and able rendering.

One really can’t but attribute such gifts at this tender age to the Almighty’s grace and gift. Aditya known as a child prodigy in music started giving concerts at the tender age of 11. Although a prey to autism, Aditya has faced it with astute determination and courage to the challenges of life by gliding on his unique gift of music. There was absolutely no indication of this while on the stage – he was just a little master performer on the stage.

A little introduction to young Aditya before coming to his feats on the stage during the concert: Young Aditya was spotted at an early age for his acumen for Carnatic music and his parents rightly and wisely groomed him with his natural gift and aptitude. He responded well and was in a position to learn under the able tutelage of veteran musicians. Initially he was trained by his father and Smt. Sethu Mahadevan elder sister of the famed Bombay sisters. This was followed up with the guidance of Sri. Ravikiran, chitra veena exponent.

Having needed to relocate to Delhi from Chennai, now Aditya is pursuing his music learning with the eminent Veena artist Vidushi Saraswati Rajagopalan.

Aditya has already given over 100 concerts so far. Music is his passion and seems to be his sustenance also. Some of his credits are:

• Won the young achiever’s award 2005 from Sornammal Education Trust.
• Was conferred the title ‘Iraiarul Isai Selvan’ by Ilakkia Peravai Pudukkottai during 2005.
• Won Yuva kala Bharathy Award during 2007 conferred by the Bharat Kalachar Music Organization – Chennai
• Won Sahitya Kala Parishad scholarship during 2012-13 (for 2 years)

His performance on this day 14th April was inkling to the factor of the wonder of Music and music’s role in the present acknowledged theme of Music Therapy.

Young Aditya kept the audience spell bound by his masterly rendering from the word go.

He started off the concert with a sprightly Raave Himagiri Kumari by Shyama Shastry set to Adi talam. This Was followed by the invocation song to Lord Ganesha Pahi Pahi Bala Ganapathe, in Raag Hamsadwani. This was set in Rupaka Talam. Aditya’s kalpanaswara rendering was very spontaneous and remarkable. His body language casting his eye at the accompanying violinist and the mridangist during the gush of the swara prastara with the impish confidence and challenge was quite amusing. Here, his spirit was one of seeking matching accompaniment on the violin and the percussion rhythm with tinges of open challenge and sports.

Aditya Mohan
The concert followed on with such brisk and confident renderings of Ela Theliyaleru in raga Durbar, Kelano Hari Thalano in Raag Hamir Kalyani. Then Aditya took up Muthuswamy Dikshithar’s composition Maragathavalli in the raga Kambodhi where, he showed his caliber in the raga alapana, which was relaxed and adequate. The niraval and kalpana swara rendering was scholarly and showed his potential and this was followed by a very neat taniavarthanam by shri Jayandas on mridangam and Kannan on the Ghatam.

The concert went on with delight and concluded with the traditional mangalam preceded by a lilting Thilana in Raag kadana Kuthukalam.

The selection of the kritis was quite a mix of the popular and the rare ones.

This being a transitional age for the adolescent boy, the voice was a little unsettled and lacked in melody but was made up with his strong points on the grip of the system.

Saravanan on the violin, Jayan Das on the mridangam and Kannan on the ghatam gave able support.

Author: Ms. Lakshmi


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