Video of the Week: Crazy About My Havana

Manolito Simonet
Cuban composer and bandleader Manolo Simonet, a.k.a. Manolito pays tribute to Cuba’s capital in this video titled Locos por mi Habana (Crazy About My Havana).

Manolito y su Trabuco’s orchestra has been able to produce one of the most unique sounds of the past two decades in Cuba thanks to the combination of a charanga and a big band, formed by several sections: two trumpets, two trombones, a flute, two pianos, cello, violin, bass, drums, conga, güiro… ‘I think that what gives more variety to the orchestra is that there are three solo singers of different styles, in the other hand, metals and strings, gives me the possibility to navigate through Cuban music’.

Born in Camagüey, East of Havana, Manolo Simonet, is an accomplished musician. He began playing the drums at the age of five. After graduating form the National School for the Arts, Manolito Simonet was the musical director and pianist for the charanga Orquesta Maravilla de Florida. He founded his own orchestra in February 25 of 1993. Since then, Manolito y su Trabuco has become one of the favorite dance bands in Cuba.

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