Galician Singer Uxía Releases Meu Canto

Uxía - Meu Canto
Spanish singer Uxía has a new album titled Meu Canto in which she reveals the essential pieces from her repertoire as well as new songs. The focus is on her vocals, sung in the Galician language of northwestern Spain, without elaborate arrangements.

Uxia has a beautiful and serene voice that shies away from any exhibitionist virtuosity and becomes transparent, showing a mature artist.

Uxía follows the trail of a culture that travels and changes the meaning and nature of borders. This time her journey takes hers to Brazil, where Meu Canto was recorded, in the recording studios Biscoito Fino in Rio de Janeiro. The choice was not casual. The album was produced by renowned musician Jaime Alem (producer of Maria Bethânia) and the talent and complicity of the virtuoso instrumentalist Sergio Tannus. On “Os Teus Ollos” the collaboration of Lenine, a guarantee for words and music that always come from the deeper and intimate of her being, her soul.

Twenty-five years of artistic career makes her one of the most popular and valued voices in Galician language. Her songs still have the latent presence of traditional music, with an innovative treatment.

Meu Canto shows a more subdued voice, deeper than ever.

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