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Les Nubians - Nu Revolution
Les Nubians

Nü Revolution (Shanachie, 2011)

Afro-French duo Les Nubians are back with their third album, Nu Revolution, a delectable mix of Afropop, neosoul, hip hop, romantic songs and funk. Paris-born sisters Hélène and Célia Faussart are behind Les Nubians.

The main difference between this album and the others,” says Hélène, “is that Nü Revolution is more uptempo. This album is a celebration of life! We wanted to bring and spread this energy, this joy in a time of uncertainty.”

The most attractive pieces are the ones with deeper African roots, such as ‘Nü Soul Makossa,’ featuring Cameroonian music legend Manu Dibango. Other guests in the album include soul icon Eric Roberson, who appears on ‘Deja Vous’; South African pop stars Freshly Ground, who contribute the Afropop piece ‘Africa For The Future’; Ghanaian-American rapper MC Blitz The Ambassador and Polish MC John Banzaï.

“Afrodance” celebrates hairstyles as an expression of personal style and cultural identity. “Your hair is a statement of who you are and how you live with your true nature,” Célia notes. “Our mother always said ‘natural is beautiful’ but it’s not easy to cope with everyday! And, yes, it is a political statement saying who we are and that we will not compromise. This message has been used the same way during the 70’s as a symbol of liberation, destruction of the old establishment and affirmation of identity.”

Les Nubians’ Nü Revolution is a diverse and beautifully crafted collection of pieces by one of the leading acts in French neosoul and Afropop.

Watch the ‘Veuillez Veiller Sur Vos Reves’ music video by Les Nubians, featuring John Banzaï.

Veuillez Veiller Sur Vos Reves from kantarama gahigiri on Vimeo.

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