Akwaaba wo Africa

Akwaaba Wo Africa
Akwaaba Wo Africa
Akwaaba Wo Africa – welcome to Africa in twi, the language of the Ashanti people of Ghana. With this first release, Akwaaba Music welcomes the world to its eclectic catalog of African music by locally established, yet globally unknown artists.

Akwaaba traveled to West Africa to meet with scores of artists who have existing releases, but who have never had the opportunity to take their music outside of their native land. They signed fair deals: Akwaaba splits its net revenue 50-50 with all licensees, and works directly with the artist whenever possible.

Acoustic Senegalese musicians, Malian Wassulu pop stars, Ivorian coupé décalé entertainers, Ghanaian highlife and hiplife singers, reggae, hip hop and salsa artists… the wealth of music is staggering. Akwaaba Wo Africa is the introduction to this wide spanning catalog of music you hear in Africa.

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