Mezklah Bassist Juan Carlos Ramirez Critically Injured in a Car Crash

Juan-Carlos Ramirez
Juan-Carlos Ramirez
At approximately 2:00 PM Saturday, on December 6, Mezklah bassist and keyboardist Juan-Carlos Ramirez was involved in a major car accident in Downtown Los Angeles. He sustained major injuries, including a broken pelvis and ruptured bladder, for which he is currently undergoing treatment for at USC’s Intensive Care Unit.

According to Mezklah guitarist Greg Hernandez, Juan-Carlos is improving steadily, and remains in high spirits: "Everything is still there, including his sense of humor." Juan-Carlos adds, "I’ll only be at the next couple gigs in spirit, but after that, I’ll play the rest in a wheelchair if I have to." Ramirez is expected to make a full recovery, but will have to undergo months of treatment and rehabilitation.

The Los Angeles-based band have been playing together since 2000, building a strong fanbase through their ties to the local artistic and socially-active communities, accompanied by a determined willingness to play any venue, anytime. Mezklah is known creating frenzied sonic soundscapes on electric guitar, set against preprogrammed trip-hop and tribal beats, creating a marriage of traditional Latin stylings and cutting-edge new directions.

Soldiering on, the remaining members of Mezklah will still proceed with their shows at The Derby December 5 and Silverlake Lounge December 17 as originally planned, with Juan-Carlos’ blessing. "It’s going to be tough going on without Juan-Carlos for a while. He’s irreplaceable," says Hernandez. "But he gave us the go-ahead, and we’re going to persevere, just as we always have, until our brother is well enough to return to the fold."

At the upcoming shows, fans and friends will have the opportunity to donate money to aid Juan Carlos’ recovery and rehabilitation. The band recently had their song "Fogata" featured in acclaimed crime drama Pride and Glory. Mezklah are currently promoting their genre-blending new EP Bestia Sonika.

Photo: Gil Ortiz

Upcoming shows:

December 12 The Derby, Los Angeles, CA
December 17 Silverlake Lounge, Los Angeles, CA

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