Mariem Hassan the Voice of the Sahara Film Screening at Womex 2008

Mariem Hassan
Mariem Hassan
Mariem Hassan the Voice of the Sahara (55 min.) will be screened Saturday, November 1st at Bahia Room at WOMEX 2008 in Sevilla.

Mariem Hassan is the voice of the Sahara, the voice of the dessert. Adored by Saharawis living in exile, Mariem Hassan is an icon that gives hope to those who still live in the territories occupied by Morocco.

With her prodigious voice and intelligence, she’s been able to bring up to date Saharawi music and make it attractive for 21st century music audiences. In the film we go through Mariem’s misfortuned life, we discover her as a courageous and enduring character and we witness her artistic transformation into one of the most charismatic and respected figures of the World Music scene.

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