Senegalese Star Wasis Diop Releases Judu Bék in Europe

Wasis Diop - Judu Bek
Wasis Diop – Judu Bek
Paris, France – Internationally-renowned Senegalese artist Wasis Diop released his fourth solo album, ‘Judu Bek’ (Big Bang Gang), in France and England this past May, and already the album has been lauded by critics and press on both sides of the Channel. The Europe-wide release of ‘Judu Bek‘ is this week. Switching between Wolof, his mother tongue, and French, the language of his current home in Paris, Wasis Diop’s voice takes centre stage (smooth but still emotional, complementing and working with the music, rather than supplanting it.

Wasis Diop was born in Senegal and left to study engineering in Paris, but realized there that music was his true calling. Since his first big success (the soundtrack to the film Hyénes (Wasis Diop has met with recognition from all over the world. Not only have his three previous albums been very well received, but his music has been featured in the film The Thomas Crown Affair, alongside Sting and Nina Simone, and was sampled by Dr. Dre & the Trackmasters for The Firm.

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