Burkinan Victor Démé Releases Solo Album in Europe

Victor Deme - Victor Deme
Victor Deme – Victor Deme
After a 30-year musical career in Burkina Faso, Manding singer Victor Démé finally releases his self-titled first album Victor Deme in June on Harmonia Mundi. At 46, Démé has recorded a unique mosaic of folk blues melodies, intimate Manding ballads, and Latin influences, salsa and flamenco.

Written in Diula language, the song "Burkina Mousso" is a tribute to all Burkinan women "who built this country with their own hands", as sings Démé. His lyrics appeal to national solidarity ("Peuple Burkinabé"), advocate tolerance ("Djôn’maya"), and weave hymns to feminine grace ("Sabu"). The album ends with two pieces of traditional Manding music. This eponymous album presents all the rich heritage of Démé’s repertoire to the public.

Author: World Music Central News Department

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