Edi Fitzroy Reggae Legend Digitally Releases Classics Albums on All MP3 Music Sites

San José (California), USA – After many years technology has finally found the legendary reggae singer Edi Fitzroy. Edi has created many Albums and even more singles over the last 26 years, and now seven of his all time classics can be purchased as single MP3’s or full album MP’s everywhere online.
 Coming Up Strong (1984), Eclipse (1991) and Pollution (1995) are all Edi Fitzroy Albums that were only published as LP’s. Now you can find these complete Albums digitally mastered and sold as MP3’s on iTunes, Napster, eMusic, Rhapsody and hundreds of more MP3 online outlets.Along with the exclusive LP releases, First Class Citizen (1982), Deep In Mi Culture (1993), We A Lion (2001) and Hold The Vibes (2006) have also been digitally distributed to major MP3 outlets world wide.
 These classic Albums include some of Edi’s biggest hits, such as “Princess Black”, “Miss Molly”, “First Class Citizen”, Youth Man”, and so many more.
 Here is a short list of places and networks Edi’s back catalog can be found for individual song downloads and ringtones:
 Audio Lunchbox
 Groovemobile Delivery
 Hi5 Networks
 iTunes Music Store
 Mix and Burn
 Music IP
 Navio Download (gBox)
 Passalong (Songtouch)
 Rogers Wireless
 Ruckus Network
 Snocap (Snocap/Myspace

Author: multics398