The Edgy Sounds of the Abruzzi

Nuova Agricola Associazione - Nuova Agricola Associazione
Nuova Agricola Associazione – Nuova Agricola Associazione
Nuova Agricola Associazione

Nuova Agricola Associazione (Radici Musicali, 2006)

After several EPs, Italian band releases its first full album, Nuova Agricola Associazione. The result is clearly spectacular. These hip "farmers" combine edgy Italian folk with rock, R&B,  reggae, throat singing, a good dose of humor and much more.

Some of the songs may sound familiar to fans of the group and that is because they have re-recorded pieces form earlier releases. "In our album there are six new songs and other six songs (remixed and/or rearranged) we had published on the previous two EP; we have chosen to publish two EP at first like a progressive editorial line. And after four years of music activity with some publications and about 150 performances, we have considered our project as mature to publish an album."

Nuova Agricola Associazione was born with the idea to rediscover and represent Abruzzi’s musical culture in a contemporary key, with modern musical moods and lyrics coming from popular roots. The music, composed by Graziano Zuccarino (voice, acoustic guitar) in collaboration with Franco Liberati (drums), Fabio Duronio (acoustic guitar and voice), Maria Alessandra Piroddi (voice), Giacomo Salario (piano, keys) e Luca Francavilla (bass) , talks about stories of ordinary life in a little underground world with strong irony mixed with passion, love and joy. 

NAA songs have as main feature the Abruzzo’s language. "Our songs – written by Graziano Zuccarino – describes our world in allegorical and ironical key, without musical limitations and reading the songs in their "natural" musical directions; this aspect gives to our music a spontaneous approach, free from every musical "style definition".

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