Scottish Americana, This is Roddy Hart

Nashville (Tennessee), USA – For a kid from Glasgow, twenty-six year old Scotland native Roddy Hart has produced an incredibly fresh piece of American sounding music. Bookmarks, out now on Compass Records, is colored with the nostalgia-inducing twang of the pedal steel, driven by the harmonica’s gutsy tones and filled with weathered yet inspiring melodies delivered in Hart’s tremulous and timeless voice.
 Roddy Hart’s mature, self-assured voice is in direct contrast to the songwriter’s youthful appearance. One could attribute Hart’s remarkably mature songwriting to his propensity for assimilating his rootsy Americana influences, namely Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen and Kris Kristofferson, the latter of which has embraced the young songwriter and contributed to his debut release, Bookmarks.Although Hart was predestined to become a musician, it was not until after a five-year stint at law school (which resulted in a first class honors degree) did he focus his efforts on song craft. "I never had any intentions of doing anything other than music, but I just wanted to broaden my horizons – I felt I was too young and unqualified to write about things I hadn’t experienced yet," Hart says. Like a fine wine, Hart waited to uncork his gifts until they had fully matured, a sense of restraint that is apparent in his vocals.
 Roddy Hart hits the road in the UK this March with Kris Kristofferson and will arrive in the US summer 2007.
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