Tala Power (Jazz in India)

The "Farewell’ Tala" show was a non starter due to the heavy rains in Mumbai which threw everything out of gear at the physical realm. However, what gained the most was the power behind the emotions as well as the love that exists within the music fraternity.

For a start, it was ab­solutely stunning that a man of Tala’s caliber decided to play free of cost in his farewell appearance just three days before his departure to Washington D.C which will be his new home after many years in India. And what drove him as well as his original band Groove Suppa to do that is simple that he felt the love and care from the people of Goa.So, if there were tickets for the show, it was to cover the costs of the hosts Clube Nacional who so gracefully accepted to provide their infrastructure for the would be star studded event.

I was equally surprised at the level of emails and phone calls that I received soon after the announcement, with many telling me that Trancemedia’s involvement in jazz should be more intensive. I guess this was a reaction to the fact that our last show was so many months ago! You must know that as much as you have enjoyed what we have done, we have been thrilled at being given the opportunity of doing so much in the music world just out of the love of music lovers all over Goa.

And this opportunity has been given to us by so many wonderful people of Goa, with people like Alu Gomes Pereira chipping in with so much encouragement and help, good ole friend Dinar Tarcar always around to prop up anything that is good for Goa, the generous press for giving the show top billin and countless others in our wonderful jazz family whose thirst for good jazz makes all this happen.

I was especially touched by the gesture of Sunil Shrivastava, Managing Director of Inter Gold who unilaterally offered to give two superb diamond stud­ded crosses to Tala and his wife as a farewell gift from the people of Goa despite the fact that the show did not take place.

And if you wonder why this whole article is just about thanking people, it is obvious that unless we have the attitude of gratitude, nothing really endures.

While I as well as my wonderful friends in jazz that include Valerio, Caetano, George, Hari, Carlos and others enjoy each and every moment of jazz it is the support from all of you that really makes the jazz carnival go forward. Let us bring out the bubbly for that.

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Photo courtesy of Armando Gonsalves

Author: armandogonsalves