Remix Eastern experimentalists Joi and win a day’s free studio time in Real World’s Big Room

Joi - Without Zero
Joi – Without Zero
UK – To celebrate Joi‘s release of Without Zero Real World is running a competition on its website

Launched in 2006, this is a site where you can download multitrack recordings from Real World artists and Peter Gabriel. Users can take the sample packs to create their own remix, then upload the finished work back to the site for others to hear.’

What You Are’ is the new sample pack and will provide remixers with a fantastic new track to get working on. This is the opportunity to win a day in
the legendary ‘Big Room’ at Peter Gabriel‘s Real World Studios. This room is why Real World is justifiably famous. As its name suggests, it offers space and versatility on a grand scale that provides both interesting and alternative methods for live recording and tracking. It is also a unique environment for mixing in all formats.

The 72 channel SSL 9000 XL K series console installed in 2006, together with a varied array of outboard equipment ( including a large selection of vintage Neve modules) offers the potential for truly state of the art recording and mixing.

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