Navajo Two-step and Skip Dance Songs

Phoenix (Arizona), USA – With a voice as clear and exciting as the immortal Ed Lee Natay, Davis Mitchell marks his debut recording for Canyon with Country Road. A great performer, the ever-popular Mitchell is a favorite throughout all comers of the Dinetah and beyond. His unique vocal renditions of two-step and skip dance songs have made him one of the top singers of the Navajo for the past decade.On Country Road, Mitchell presents ten new songs about Navajo life and loving. Two-step and skip dance songs can be heard on any given weekend around the Navajo Nation in social gatherings known as traditional song and dances. At these popular occasions, singers like Davis Mitchell sing of love and Navajo ways, while people, dressed in their finest, renew friendships, married couples dance, singles court, and the traditions of the Dine are imparted to the younger generations. “Country Road” represents the finest performance of these popular songs.

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Author: World Music Central News Department

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