Liu Fang’s Chinese Pipa Eclectica

Chinese pipa virtuoso has two new recordings. On Silk Sound (Le Son de Soie), released by French label Accord Croisés, she plays evocative pipa and guzheng and plays duets with musicians from other world cultures. French musician Henri Tournier adds evocative bansuri flute to some of the pieces. In other cases it is the l’ud (Arabic lute), performed by Alla. Liu Fang also has two duets with kora master Ballaké Sissoko.

The beautifully packaged thick booklet includes a biography, an interview and descriptions of the pieces.

The other new recording is Pipa Music from Chinese Folk Roots. It is
the third volume in a series that explores the different aspects of the pipa.
The solo effort demonstrates Liu Fang’s expertise at the pipa.

Author: World Music Central News Department

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