EFWMF initiates a European Talent Exchange Program

efwmflogoThe European Forum of Worldwide Music Festival (EFWMF) has decided to investigate into the possibilities of launching a talent exchange program based on the models established by the Dutch foundation Buma Cultuur for European pop and rock talents.

An article published in the EFWMF International Newsletter spring issue 2006 outlined the basic models developed by Buma Cultuur for ETEP. The author, current EFWMF chairman Hans Hjorth, suggested that the major reasons for the ETEP success are the strategic alliances built around the project. The ‘Great Coalition’ created for ETEP involves a focused showcase event, access to interested and actively involved promoters and festivals by means of an established presenters organization, secures media exposure by the equally active involvement of EBU and affiliated radio stations and finally basic funding securing quality and scope of showcases plus financial incentives for the actual booking of the artists included in the program.Indeed the original motivation for ETEP was, according the project, “the great difficulties that European pop music experiences in trans-European promotion and distribution. Historically, Anglo American repertoire has been the focus of professional distribution and promotion in Europe”.

Exchanging a few key words, this has an astounding resemblance to problems of long concern to the various traditional and world music communities in Europe and frequently debated over that past years within EFWMF.

Following extensive discussions with the full EFWMF membership the Board has set up a working group in order to proceed with full scale investigations into the possibilities of launching a parallel talent exchange program covering musical genres beyond the original ETEP concept. This involves not merely traditional – and perceived world – music of the European countries but also music of the immigrant and minority communities within Europe.

The working group consists of Hans Hjorth (SE), Patrick de Groote (BE), Marie-José Justamond (FR) and Carles Sala (ES) in addition to EFWMF Head of Office Sarah Vereycken.

For the remaining months of 2006 the Board has provided the working group with financial resources to cover meetings, consultations and other initial costs. Additional resources will be allocated for 2007.

The working group is tasked with delivering proposals on;
– Organization of project administration
– Showcase / Trade conference partner(s)
– Media collaborations
– Methods of inclusion of other presenters than members of EFWMF in a transparent and accountable context.
– Funding and other financial issues

The working group will be reporting to the EFWMF Board but has been granted substantial autonomy in the actual working procedures in order to facilitate consultations and co-operations with all concerned parties and potential partners.

For more background on ETEP, see the 2006 Spring issue of the EFWMF International Newsletter at www.efwmf.org.

For any additional information, contact;
Hans Hjorth Sarah Vereycken
Tel: +46 70 59 242 59 Tel: +32 34 556 944

Author: World Music Central News Department

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