Legendary Recordings from Spanish National Radio Archives

Nuestro Flamenco, Vol. 1
Nuestro Flamenco, Vol. 1
Various Artists – Nuestro Flamenco, Vol. 1 (RTVE Música, 2004)

Antonio Mairena – Actuaciones históricas (RTVE Música, 2005)

Spanish National Radio (RNE) and Spanish National Television (TVE) have large archives of music, including classical Flamenco and world music. Through their label, RTVE Música, both networks occasionally releases some of its best works.US distributor, Forte Distribution is now making some of these CDs available to the North American public.

Nuestro Flamenco, Vol. 1 contains material from the TV series Rito y Geografía del Cante. Four of Flamenco’s top artists are featured. The first is the passionate Antonio Mairena, one of the legendary singers of the 20th
century, singing Martinetes, Soleares, Malagueñas, Seguiriyas and Romances. His accompanist is guitarist Manuel Morao.

Another legendary singer is Terremoto de Jerez. Terremoto means earthquake and the nickname was given to Fernando Fernández Monje because of his powerful performances. Terremoto sings Fandangos, Soleares, Seguiriyas and Bulerías, accompanied by Manuel Morao.

Two guitar soloists are also featured. Melchor de Marchena was a pioneering guitarist who led the way as a soloist, when the majority of guitarists were limited to being accompanists. He is the father of the second soloist featured,
Enrique De Melchor
. Melchor de Marchena plays Seguiriyas and Tarantos.

Enrique De Melchor belongs to the Paco de Lucía generation, a group of musicians known for taking Flamenco guitar to higher levels, combining masterful playing with innovative sounds. He plays Soleares on the CD.

For those interested in exploring the music of one of the great masters of Flamenco singing, RTVE Música has put together Actuaciones históricas, a 2-CD collection of historical recordings. The remastered works were recorded at Flamenco festivals and studios between 1970 and 1981 (he died in 1983).

Actuaciones históricas includes many well known Flamenco styles, such as Soleares, Seguiriyas and Bulerías. It also includes lesser known styles such as the Cantes de fragua.

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Author: Angel Romero

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