Leading Czech Band CzechoMor Releases New CD

Czech Republic –
Four years after their breakthrough album Transformations (Promeuy) which won
them three Czech Music Academy Awards
(Best Album, Best Group, Best Song)

[Čechomor in Czech] are back with a brand new studio album,
What Happened Next?
[Cosa stalo nové].

There is no substitute for

, cult world music band from the Czech
Republic. Deeply rooted in Moravian village music, their repertoire reflects the
passion and anguish of a region molded by centuries of Ottoman raids,
Napoleonic battles and folk ballads.

also provides an excellent
opportunity for fans to trace back Celtic echoes that lie deeply rooted in the
cultures of Bohemia and Moravia but which are related to the music of Brittany
and Ireland in particular.The band’s unique mélange of traditional folk mixed
with Ottoman dissonance, Gypsy czardas, Napoleonic mustering dances and Celtic
rhythms have succeeded in winning over young and old alike. Czechomor have sold
over 200 000 album units.

Karel Holas, graduate on the classical violin at the
Brno Musical Conservatory, acts as band leader. With Franta Cerny they spend
much of their time resuscitating long-forgotten poems and folk ballads.
Established in 1988 as the Czech Moravian Music Society the band soon developed
into far more than a reservoir of traditional music. As ex-president Vaclav Havel’s favorite ensemble, Czechomor entertained celebrity audiences at charity
concerts. They brought Czech folk music to the Royal Albert Hall in London.

What Happened Next?

Author: World Music Central News Department

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