Worldwide Release of New Sara Tavares CD, Balancê

Sara Tavares - Balancê
Sara Tavares – Balancê
Afro-Portuguese singer Sara Tavares will be releasing her third album Balancê, in February & March of 2006 on World Connection. The 27 year old Sara Tavares has become one of the leading exponents of Lisbon’s world music scene.

Sara Tavares was only 16 years old, when she won two of Portugal’s most prestigious TV music contests. Born out of a second generation Cape Verdean immigrants, Sara grew up between two cultures. Initially known as a singer and composer of Gospel, Soul and Funk, she gradually incorporated more of her African music in her compositions. Her second album Mi Ma Bô, produced by Lokua Kanza, reached gold in Portugal. The album was a mix of African rhythms and melodic pop songs.

After a long wait of five years, her new album was produced by Sara herself. She wrote and composed all the songs herself and played many of the instruments.

Sara is nominated “Personality of the Year” by the Portuguese magazine Lux

Sara Tavares‘ Concerts and Showcases:

2 Feb: Sala Galileo, Madrid-Spain
3 Feb: Sala Ambigú, Valladolid-Spain
4 Feb: Teatro Circulo, Burgos-Spain
4 March: Charlie Gillett BBC radio show UK
6 March: Momo’s London, UK
15 March: CC De Schakel, Waregem-Belgium
16 March: CD Podium Deurne-België
18 March: CC Zwaneberg Heist-op-den-Berg-Belgium
19 March: CC Leopoldsburg-Belgium
23 March: Akoestisch Podium Mozaïek-Amsterdam
25 March: CC Ter Vesten Beveren-Belgium
27 Apr: Savoy Theatre, Helsinki-Finland
29 Apr: Stans Musictheater, Switzerland
30 Apr: N9, Eeklo-Belgium
2 May: Muziekgebouw a/h IJ, A’dam-NL

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