The Albanian Intangible Heritage CD

Albania – Albanian intangible heritage in CD (text + 2 cd, iso-polyphony
and monody) in now available. The set was prepared by Prof. Dr. Vasil S. Tole.
This multimedia publication is the first in a row of publication in
collaboration with UNESCO. It is generally directed to readers and other
interested people who live abroad. The publication contains a preface from the
General Director of UNESCO, a study of iso-polyphony and monody from the
scientific and artistic view, as well as two CDs with the best Albanian folk
music.Foreword by General Director of UNESCO

"South-East Europe is known for its wide-ranging cultural diversity and a rich
heritage, both tangible and intangible, much of which has yet to be discovered
by the outside world. Traditional music is one of the main pillars of that

Situated at the crossroads of many cultures that have exerted their influence
over the centuries, Albania presents a musical landscape of unusual variety that
has survived periods of change and political upheaval and offers today’s
generation a means of affirming their cultural identity.

Albanian traditional music is commonly divided into two major forms, which are
vividly presented here in this 2-CD anthology: the polyphony typical of the
South, and the predominantly monophonic traditions of the North. Both traditions
have aroused the admiration of artists and ethnomusicologists from far beyond
nation’s frontiers.

This collection, expertly compiled by Vasil S. Tole, is a tribute to the beauty
and distinctive character of Albania’s music. It takes us into a universe of
heroic epics and ballads that retrace the country’s history; gentle lyrical
songs and intimate laments or lullabies; ceremonial chants; and jocular songs
too. The instruments heard on theses CDs include the lahuta and the çifteli.

This project is a valuable addition to UNESCO’s action for the promotion of
traditional music. The Organization is more than ever dedicated to safeguarding
and promoting the intangible cultural heritage. Such a task can only be carried
out in close partnership with peoples and communities wishing to preserve the
tissue of their cultural identity by means of oral traditions and artistic
expressions of every kind. This selection of traditional Albanian music lifts a
corner of the veil that has for too long hidden a great musical legacy. "

Koïchiro Matsuura

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