Geek Rhythms

The premise of this CD is to introduce the Geek world to
non-Geeks and inject the technical matter with some levity that it deserves.
Technology is so much a part of everyday life and man-machine interface is so
ubiquitous that it is hard to imagine that, on the scale of human evolution,
technology has very young roots. Lyrics are written to introduce and explain
technology terms to laymen and the developers hope aspiring technologists and
engineers will enjoy the music and lyrics.

Above all the main idea is to have some fun. The song “Enjoy The Ride” is set
to techno music and written with computer science in mind and speaks of how
transistor works, then goes onto introduce concepts in networking and wireless
areas. The song “Free Energy” is set to hip hop music and lyrics are written
from the perspective of chemical engineers and introduces terms like entropy,
free energy, distillation, control loop etc. Geek Dreams is a favorite for all those aspiring to be engineers and
speaks in rap like language to brain muscles vs body muscles while talking about
scalars, vectors and EMF, Newtons’ third law of motion, very interesting.
Metamorphosis is set to fast paced music and explores the world of mechanical
engineers with concepts like Bernoulli’s energy equation, gear ratio, robots and
propulsion scheme.

Core of the band is GK, who wrote the lyrics, Rikki, who conceived the musical
interpretation of lyrics along with Jasz, composed and arranged the music and
also did the mastering. Jasz is the lead vocalist for all songs and dug into his
singing experience as well as his engineering knowledge to enhance the lyrics.
Annette Philip and Brennon provided support vocals and bass guitar respectively.

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to preview music samples.

Author: eypsar