The Indie Acoustic Project Awards Now Accepting Submission

Boulder, Colorado, USA – The Indie Acoustic Project is now accepting
submissions for its “Best CDs of 2004” Awards.
What qualifies: any full-length (25 minutes or longer) CD that: (1) is mostly
acoustic, and (2) has been (or will have been) released for sale to the public
during 2004 by any entity other than a major US label. Recordings released by a
non-major but distributed by a major label qualify for consideration, as do
recordings that feature electric or electronic instrumentation in addition to
acoustic instrumentation. If you have any questions, contact  at releases announcing the names of the finalists and winners will be sent to
over 100 print, broadcast, and web media outlets around the world, including
most of the major US and Canadian newspapers, NPR, PRI, CBC, as well as many
music and alternative press outlets. Contact and product ordering information
for the finalists and winners in each of the award categories (and their
respective record companies) will be posted on the IAP website.

Address submissions to:

Indie Acoustic Project
570 Union Avenue
Boulder, Colorado 80304

Every submission will be given consideration for inclusion in the “Best Of” List
and for the Best CD Award. Participants must submit one CD copy per title that
you wish to have considered for the awards. No other material is necessary,
although a brief bio sheet may be included. Also enclose an email contact for
each submission, as contact information for winners and finalists will be posted
on the IAP website. Twelve awards will be given—one per category. The categories
are as follows: Acoustic Ensemble, Alternative Rock, Americana, Celtic,
Instrumental, Multi-Genre, Rock, Roots, Singer-Songwriter (Male), Female
Singer-Songwriter (Female), and World Music. The Indie Acoustic Project will
determine which category best fits the recording. Consideration for, and
inclusion in the “Best Of” list and awards is a public service of the Indie
Acoustic Project, and as such, there is no charge of any kind for any aspect of
these awards. All decisions regarding any aspect of the “Best Of” List and
Awards will be made solely at the discretion of the Indie Acoustic Project and
will be final. All submissions must be postmarked no later than December 31,
2004. Notification of finalists and winners will be made electronically. Award
certificates will be sent via mail to all winners, provided a physical address
is provided to us.

The Indie Acoustic Project is dedicated to giving recognition to outstanding
works of innovative acoustic (or mainly acoustic) music that have never gotten
the acclaim that they deserve. The IAP website at also features
the finalists and winners of the Best CDs of 2001-2003 Awards, and information
about the 50 Best Indie Acoustic CDs of the 1990s.

[Photo: Moh Alileche, winner of the 2003 world music award. Courtesy of Flag of Freedom Productions].

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