Evolution – New Steelband CD from New York Finest Steelbands

New York, USA –

The widely anticipated compilation CD

from seven New York steelbands who participated in the extremely popular
2003 Vibrations in Steel concerts is now available. Titled Evolution

the CD features two selections from each of the participating New York bands. This is

the first time that the New York steelbands have come together to

create such a product. Moreover, the CD provides the listener with a

unique opportunity to hear New York steelpan performers outside of the

annual panorama competition.

The participating bands are

Adlib, Casym, Pantonic, Pan Ambassadors,

Pan sonatas, Utopia Pan Soul: The Next Generation and Women in Steel. The

bands’ selections showcase their ability to beautifully embrace musical and

cultural idioms outside of the traditional Caribbean music genre. Evolution

was recorded live indoors by Basement Recordings, who is well known for

producing unique and unmatched quality steelpan recordings. New York

steelbands continue to aggressively move to the forefront of successful entrepreneurial

musical ventures.In addition to being

treated to a varied cross section of musical interpretations of great

musical hits, the listeners are allowed to easily hear the tonal

differences and unique personalities of each band. Evolution,

which showcases the New York urban steel orchestra sound and attitude

which is unlike any other, will soon be a central part of the collections

of world music lovers.

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Contact —

or WomenInSteel@hotmail.com, 1-718-421-2042 or
1-718- 629-2471 — for individual
sales and worldwide distribution.
CDs are also available from all participating bands.

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